Content Writing is a platform where you plan, write and edit the content on the web. The content written should be very relevant and engaging where it gains the attention of the reader and provides immense knowledge.

Basics of Content Writing for Beginners

A relevant headline is the first step which the focus has to be given to. This is the way the readers grab attention towards your article. There are tools on the net which give you the information on how the rating of your headlines look. Short and crisp informative articles are more on reach where the readers get the answers to what they are looking for rather than they search over the whole article. Content writing explained in simple words is just the way you communicate it needs to be drafted there in the article you submit and needs to be meaningful and with added value.

There is a step by step process which would lead you to the ladder of success as a content writer.

  • Research: Valuable information should be provided in the write up which is been presented to the audience and hence we need to be extra cautious on what we deliver . We should have full information before hand and then present it on as a final result. We need to jot down all the points on a note pad and then list it accordingly and present it ina way that we look at an audience view as how we would like to read it so as the final work would be presentable and we can get good results out of it.
  • Uniqueness in Writing:  Being a writer is very easy but getting into the mind of the reader is in fact a challenging act. We need to create a style of writing which the reader finds to be different from the regular form of reading. The reader needs to look out for more of your articles and there a need is created. We need to focus on the style of writing.
  • Capture the point: As a writer you should be aware that you need to be crisp in your writing and should be up to the point. The reader looks out for genuine information and does not like to be a roller coaster ride. When the reader gives a look at the article they should be able to fetch the information on one go which would help them to feel that they have not wasted their time and in fact they would look forward for more of our writing.
  • Conclusion: Conclusion is the most important part of the article. The writer needs to keep in mind that the final paragraph should provide such a catch in the reader’s mind that they would long to expect more of your write ups. In the case you would be a successful content writer.

By giving focus on the above mentioned points as a beginner the journey as a content writer would be an adventurous and fun filling journey.  







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