SEO recommends your contents to the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and provides the user the solutions to their query.

Let’s understand how the SEO works. We need to understand how we get answers to the questions we ask on the search engine.  The search engine has a crawler that goes about and gathers information which is available on the internet. There are a few factors which are highlighted.

Keyword Research:  We need to have a clear understanding on the nature of Business which is being done. We should pen down the different customer questions expected out of it and what are the customer needs and the range of market and audience reach. Later on we should understand the competitors in the same business. Here we get to understand what are the key points of focus which they highlight and what are the keywords that the customer is looking out for and we draft articles based on those keywords so as to provide more reach to the audience and it also adds more value to the business.

Search Volume:  We need to understand the nature of business which we are providing to the customer and its reach in terms if it’s a seasonal based one or an all- time focus one. We need to understand the location where the market reach is more so that we could work on capturing more audience.

We should research on certain keywords where our competitors have not shown more importance and we should try to capture the audience with those words and add on to the article so that the readers get in depth product knowledge and more audience reach is provided.


 Product Reach Focus:

We need to understand the customer point of approach when it comes to comparison of the products. We need to be aware of the different search engine options and websites which they target to get to know for a better understanding of the product and hence as an entrepreneur the approach needs to be expanded and more easy to increase the market base. Like many clients look out for the similar products on Facebook ads, some on google and so on.


Measuring Your Success: We need to understand where we stand. Success needs to be measured at all times to increase your growth and to scale up the ladder.

This is only possible if we have a strong understanding of the customer needs and the questions asked by the clients are the ones which help us increase our efforts at work.

Each Business has a goal to achieve and setting up your goal is a priority task and this is when we measure our levels of success. It gives us more clear picture on the industry and the growth levels. When focus is been given on the Goal setting it helps us achieve the benchmark of success.

Being in the top of the SEO you need to keep yourself updated in terms of the similar products in the industry and to add on the key words to articles so that the product always stays as a limelight in the market.






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