Hey ! it’s a beautiful day, waking up to a bright morning and looking outside to see people donning their new attire .Yes guessed it right, it’s the Mask. I had full time for myself now to gaze around, it was such a surprise to myself to understand that I had masked my inner self which was filled with my likes , my interests , my strength’s but is this me who had surrendered all this to someone to make their interests work for their profits .The previous evening was my last day at work and with a heavy heart and with loads of emotional outbursts, went to bed promising myself that this would be the last time I feel defeated by someone or something. Sometimes good things take time to happen, but once it comes then there is no looking back. The one such thing is coming across  Digital Deepak.

 Never got an opportunity to meet this person, but some people bring the wave of interest and give us a hope of strength to bounce back with the confidence we have , which we haven’t used it for a very long time , where our potential is fully uncovered . Yes I had a love for marketing, but never was able to get through the right channel of working in marketing, I wanted to get into the learning process with the latest tools in this digitalized world . But whom to contact and what is the right approach was unknown. I am done with the regular way of paying money , theory process and finally certification . Grabbed my laptop , researched for an internship program which will help me work through while I learn , extended research for two days and finally  reaching the website of Digital Deepak .

Went through the reviews, went through youtube channels and read articles and more … tried to figure out if anyone had a second thought about this person , but I couldn’t read through any negative comments . He was considered as a ray of hope for many. I decided to give this a go.

Got myself enrolled in the webinar, what better can I gift myself for the new year 2021 other than the key to  My life full of choices . He explained the process of the course , the wonderful breakup and the returns out of it , financially as well as extra bonus in the form of experience and expertise . Wow!!!! It was just placed like a mixed colourful platter of food, Yummy! Wonderful learning experience , boost of confidence , and all set to fly high !

A wonderful mentor , with a backup support system who could answer our queries on time and to help us move ahead!. Thank you, sir for every bit of it .

I would like to conclude like the saying “there is a pot of gold at the end of rainbow “Yes! I found the treasure in the form of the learnings from Deepak Sir. It is indeed a wonderful blessing. I have gained a huge group of friends who are ready to help each other , and an amazing opportunity where we learned together . A huge thank you for giving an opportunity to be a part of this team and to walk out with a grace and a ray of confidence which has helped me pen down my thoughts as it has always been my passion to write and was longing for an opportunity to showcase my writing skills . Don’t miss out on an opportunity to explore your inner self .

“What seems to us bitter trials are often blessings in disguise” – Oscar Wilde

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