Are you looking for a premium Webhosting and domain service? Then look no further than this, because boy do we have a surprise for you! Because GoDaddy sponsors this article. Join me in helping you create a professional website to be seen by millions. GoDaddy is one of the world’s best Webhosting and domain services used by millions of bloggers and companies around the globe. I have a website too, which has a domain managed by GoDaddy! Go ahead and check the website out by clicking here!

I love writing articles on this website because it provides me with essential writing tools. GoDaddy offers a wide variety of domains that can be found on their website.

To find your perfect domain, follow the steps below!

Step 1 :

Go to the GoDaddy Website, where you find the landing page.

Step 2 :

Type your desired domain in the search box

Step 3 :

Hit ‘enter’, and it will search for available domains

Step 4 :

You will be able to find your domain with your desired extension

Step 5 :

If your desired link extension does not show up, try finding another choice for domain extension

GoDaddy has exceptional services for both Webhosting as well as domain. Along with the domain, with an external fee, you will get your customized email, such as the one that I use for my blog website, 

You can also get a website SSL certificate that makes your website secure to the internet and also give your website an HTTPS:// tag (Default HTTP://)

I got my SSL certificate done by GoDaddy, And I felt happy finally seeing the HTTPS tag in my link!

Domain hacking is one of the most common occurrences for websites to go down. GoDaddy now adds DDoS protection as one of the recommended services for a small fee of  $0.99. It’s been more than a year now, and my website is still secure and safe from the dangers of hackers and the internet

GoDaddy also provides a professional Webhosting service, which gives you easy to use tools with open-source software like WordPress.

WordPress is a straightforward and open-source software used by millions of people around the globe for the millions of websites on the internet.

I have used WordPress on my website, and let me tell you from my experience; it is effortless to use

You can edit your website using WordPress by appending wp-admin to the slug of your URL

After that, you will arrive at a log in page.

After entering the password and email ID, you can hit log in, and you will see your WordPress Dashboard.

This is your dashboard; this is the place where all the magic happens!

If you click the title of your website, You will see a different GUI as you open the home page.

You can edit your website using the webpage editor.

Customer Testimonial  :

Winshear123: “I have a domain by GoDaddy With DDoS protection, and so far, GoDaddy has kept me safe from threats. Thanks, GoDaddy!!”

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